Portal Atop a Bus Stop

July 13, 2015 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
UCSB Department of Art, Room 1237

Portal Atop a Bus Stop

Curated by Erik Martinson

The appearance of a weathered VHS copy of Hellraiser atop a bus shelter on Old Kent Road in South London became a kind of urban legend, or at least a puzzle. Since this first occurrence in 2012, there have been other instances, other portals opening, visible from the upper level of double-decker buses. Copycats aside, the content of the bleached VHS case, Clive Barker’s 1987 film, has at its core a puzzle box, the ‘Lament Configuration’. This box, when solved, can suture dimensions. From the other side, the ‘Cenobites’, demonic in appearance, claim the clever individual for a suturing of another kind, between pleasure and pain. A pop mystery, the VHS tape in its odd placement, now a different sort of analog puzzle box, offers a detour on a routine commute. Portals, mundane or not, need a here and there, a clever body to pass through.

Portal Atop a Bus Stop is a screening of international artists’ films and videos (im)materializing in various constellations for a multitude of sites. Erik Martinson is an independent curator currently based in London, UK.


JUST DO IT, Avril Corroon (Ireland), 2014, 6:42

The Eternal Quarter Inch, Jesse McLean (USA), 2008, 9:00

Slow Fragmentation, Sam Smith (Australia), 2015, 5:30

∆ HS. FS. ZWN-BS. NC. BS, Paul Simon Richards (UK), 2014, 14:00

Figure-​ground, Jean-Paul Kelly (Canada), 2013, 4:46

Devil’s Gate, Laura Kraning (USA), 2011, 20:00

Immortality, Home and Elsewhere, Sasha Litvintseva (UK), 2014, 12:28

Program Notes:

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Portal Atop a Bus Stop is part of an events series organized by Alice Wang for the class Exhibition as Medium, and is generously sponsored by the UCSB Summer Sessions Cultural and Enrichment Grant. Special thanks to the UCSB Department of Art Space Committee for their support.

For more information, please contact: UCSB.RedBarn@gmail.com