Alejandro Casazi’s “Red Golden Sea” at Minan Gallery LA

What / Qué / O Quê: Red Golden Sea / by Alejandro Casazi
Where / Donde / Onde: Minan Gallery, Los Angeles / 1051 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90019
When / Cuando / Quando: Opening reception March 8 / 2014
(Show Runs: March 8 – 29 / 2014)



Alejandro Casazi’s solo exhibition “Red Golden Sea,” at Minan Gallery, Los Angeles will be open to the public during the month of March of 2014. The installation combines four independent artworks representing the growing cultural banalization of death and apathy towards suffering as the result of the automatization of killing in post-industrial conflict structures. The exhibit, focuses in the use of combat-automatic-rifles and its capability to amplify the actions of the individuals through mechanization. It presents a disjunction between the autonomy of the individual and the automatization of conflict. The exhibition is based on statistical data reporting the dead and missing from the long-standing armed conflict in Colombia, just one among many examples of social injustice in the nations of the Global South.