Stephanie Washburn in “Playdate in Hades” exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid


“Play date in Hades” featuring works by Vanessa Chow, Christopher Ulivo and Stephanie Washburn will be on view at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles from October 9th to November 1st.

A reception will be held on Saturday, October 25th from 11am to 1pm.

If Persephone were lucky enough to have lived in California, her banishment to Hades for the duration of Winter would have been far less burdensome. Likely, she’d view her time in the underworld as a short walk on the wild side, a temporary queen of the underworld. It would offer her an opportunity to air grievances about terrestrial neighbors, experiment with ideas and persona unfamiliar to her, fornicate with human/animal hybrids. Before she got in too deep, the cold snap would lift and up she’d return to an abundance of sunlight, waves and avocados.

There is nothing aberrant in the behavior of Vanessa Chow, Christopher Ulivo or Stephanie Washburn nor do their studios contain bizarre and illegal material. These three artists, in their own way, make eloquent arguments for an unequal compromise, that Hell is a spice, essential but useless if it overwhelms the dish.

In a Greco-Californian underworld, Persephone gets to dive into the void with the spirit of a naughty Esther Williams or swim through lava to a tryst with Emperor Chin in China. Maybe  just bake on the pumice while watching aged surfers challenge gnarled demons to an expression sessions at the mouth of the river Styx. Our play date will provide a near synesthetic experience, a true surreal and fantastic feeling filled with vitality, color and action.

TSA LA is located at 440 South Broadway, Los Angeles, California, 90013

Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm or by appointment  (310) 279-7842